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 Summer Camp Tour Singapore
The Singapore summer camp by Worantex was a great experience and opportunity. I had a great time learning new things and making new friends. Learning how to take care of yourself and how to use money when you really need it.
I had a great experience by making new friends. Even if you don't like them you still need to respect them. Also even if they are different.
Also I learned to lived with others and accept others. I needed to stay with someone I didn't know. It was hard to get use to it but it was a good opportunity of what it might feels like to stay with other people when I am in university.
The school also had a good education. I have learned a lot about Singapore and its history. I had a lot of fun I which to go to another summer camp.
By : Sunisa age 11 (Nakornphayap International School)
Singapore Camp is very exciting and fun. I have learn a lot and had many new experiences. I made new friends and meet new people and I think this trip is very valuable to me and I think I'll never forget it.
By : PYE, age 15 (from Ekamai International School)
In this trip, I really like how we learn half day and explore half day. Because we get to learn and use the things had taught us in real life. Furthermore, I really appreciate how we can know friends rally easy even though in this 2 weeks camp that everyone can get along with each other no matter how hard it was. Lastly, Thanks for all the fun we had together and the knowledge i have learned in this camp. I will miss every body :)
By : Fah (age 11) (Nakhorn Phayap International School)
summer camp 駹͹Ѻ˹ ҡ· ҡسٷç¹ 觷· ҧôŹͧ硡ҡҧ˹觷˹· 觷˹ٻзѺ summer camp ÷˹ͧ褹ѹ˹ѹ ˹դѺԴͺҡ աҧ˹觤 ѹ˹٪ͺ Singapore ҡ лȹ繻ȷ˹һзѺҧ ˹ٵͧ͢ͺسžǡҨԧ

By : Motana (RAIS) Internation School
Hello, My name is PK, i'm 10 years old. This is my first time abroad withourt my family. I like everything in singapore. and i never home sick. I have to take care myself for 2 weeks, I have many new friends from Laos, and Indonesia. I want to come back to Singapore again.

By : PK (Thai-Chinese International School)
Hello Everyone, my name is Tor, I'm from NIST International school. I'm 10 years old. This is my longest time in Singapore. I really like to stay here with my friends. I met alot of new friends here. There are many new places was bulided and fun for me. I really wish to come back here again. Thank you.

By : Panlerd B. (NIST International School)
ʴդѺ͹ ءѧҹʺóͧ йСѹФѺ Ҥ¹鹴ǤѺ ҡҷҤԴ Ҩҡ͹ ͧ ͧҧἹ͹Ҥҡ Ҥ¤駹Դšȹҡ ͧ͡ʷ ҧ͡ʹ ФѺѹ¹ ԵҾ Сê͵ͧ ҴФѺѹشʹҡ :)
By : ͧ .5 (ç¹çɮʧ ѧѴ §)
Hi!! Everyone. We are sisters. We have been to Singapore for 2 weeks, which was very good opportunity to our life. Singapore is very beautiful and clean. We love to come back here again. SSTC is very kind with us, we love english so much. We want to spend more time here. All activities were awsome. specially Universal Studio. It was the best day of us and all of us.
By : ͧ .3 & ͧ .5 (ç¹ອҪ ѧѴغҪҹ)
Ҥ¤駹֡зѺ㨻ȹҡ Ѻ駤鹷 ôž鹷ͧԧ ¤ѺһȷҡҴöѲʶҹͧҡ Ẻ 2 ѻѧͧ Ӥѭ ͡㹡ѧҡ¤Ѻ Ҩչ ѹ͡ʷҡ¤Ѻ ҧʶҺѹǡ¹繡ѹͧ ҡ͹ҤҡѺ ͺش Universal Studio Ѻ Ẻʹءҡ ¤Ѻ ͹仴¡͹ҧҡѹ ͹ҧç¹ š¹Դʹ ͺѺ¹ еͧա¤Һ :)
By : ͧѹ .4 (ç¹ѭ)
ʴդѺ 硪Ѻ 10 Ǻ ҷ¹ ʹءҡ¤Ѻ س㨴 ͡˹ҼФѺ
By : ͧ (ç¹ѭҪ) .4
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