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ѷ ù෡ 紴प ͹ ӡѴ ԹԨþҹѡͧ йѡ¹-ѡ֡ Թҧ仵ҧ ѵػʧҧҹ÷ͧ С֡ ҹ ԹԨ ;Թҧ价ӧҹ ѵػʧ ҡռͺҧӪͺѷ ;ҷҹ蹢իԹҧ仵ҧ ô駺ѷ ʹԹõµ 駢
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After9 months in the USA as an exchange student, I have been through a lot of stuffs.
been to Adelanto city in California. This city is between Los Angeles and Las Vegas thatconnectedby15highwayorBarstow.
ThedayIleftThailand,myfamily, and myfriend.Ifeltnervousonthat15hoursonthe
firstweekwasschool, meand myhostfamilywerestuckinthemiddleofdesertbecausemy
Theschoolwasnotsobad.AHS(AdelantoHighSchool)is averynicesmallcampus.
,AdvancePhysicalEducation,Art II,BiologyI, andHonorPlacementinChemistry.Mostofthe
classesarenottoo difficultIf youunderstandallthewords.Themostdifficultformewouldbe
EnglishbecauseinUSA theydont teachgrammaror vocabulary.Theyteachhowtowritean
essay,read novels, analyze poems and stories. Other class are easy. My final grade was
I have been to some places such as The Seaworld in San Diego, San Francisco,
awesome city. Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Ghiladeli Square, Pier 39, the
Ihavelearnedsomany lessons, and spentmostofthetimewithmyself.Butitwasa
wasagood timein USA evenitsthefirsttime. I wouldliketovisittheUSAagain.Maybeina
couple years.Iwould liketo staya littlebitlonger so Icango seesomeother coolplacesin
California suchasLosAngeles, Hollywood,ThaiTown,andbeaches.Ihadagoodtimeinthe

By : MR.Latthikorn Martkamjan
Work and travel Experience
With Worantex

I believe that many of Thai students are thinking to go for work and travel program in the USA with some different purposes. Some desires to gain some money, work experiences or even boy or girlfriends. Just like me!I myself, am one of that kind of people who wants to go to the US for those kind of reasons. Then I think that I was a very lucky person to be there, once in my lifetime and I got various unforgettable experiences. I totally enjoyed it a lot. So, I will use this chance to share to you my great experience to encourage you, if you are thinking about it.

Last summer, I had a chance to go to the US as an intern for work and travel program with Worantex company. I have been to Chester, Maryland state. I worked in a Japanese restaurant called Sado Café I worked in several and different positions in a week, including kitchen staff, busboy, sushi maker and dish washer. My favorite position is busboy, because I could get some tips. That sounds like awesome and interesting, right? I have to say that it is the greatest experience for working there and got to learn many things I have never learned before. Now, I think I can open my own sushi restaurant. Most of my coworkers were Indonesian and they were very nice and friendly. They trained me from A-Z. I, myself, never known how to work at all, but now I almost know everything about Japanese restaurant. Thats why I said I could have my own Japanese restaurant, by the way. However, I also have American friends. They are extremely friendly and funny, but sometimes they are crazy as well ( lol ). I had learned a lot of new English vocabulary and idioms that helped my English improve a lot. I am really happy to be friends with Indonesian and Americans. All in all, working with them was never a problem at all, in contrast, I want to thank them for giving me a happy time while working there. I love them so much

Besides being lucky for work, I was also lucky for my accommodation. I had a chance to stay in an American house with my merciful landlord, named Mr. Brian W. He is a kind of wonderful person. He is a retired professor. All my time staying there, he took care of me as his own son. He also renamed me Sunshine and I really appreciated that. In the morning, he usually provided some breakfast for me and other exchange students. I think he is very rich. He has his own boat, five expensive cars and helicopter. He also has a Jacuzzi in his house. Those things amused and excited me a lot. One day, I and my friends got a day off together; he took us to Washington DC. However, he is sometimes a strict person; he always fussily asked us to clean up our bedroom and bathroom.

Once I had a chance to visit Washington DC. I was really excited and shocked of its extravaganza. Every building is so beautiful that made me want to move and settle over there. I also visited the White House where Mr. Barak Obama is working in, and I found that the White House has very high security; around the house is surrounded by the guards. Moreover, I was stunned by the American Monument which is loftily high and outstanding.

Even though it was a very short time being there, but it was my greatest and best time for once in my lifetime. I made everything in everyday with my intention and be happy with it, not just made it through a day. So, I never regretted. Work and Travel program gave me many things, such as being punctual, responsible, economical and being able to solve an unexpected problem. Those kind of things made me grow up and methodically thoughtful. If you are thinking about going for it, JUST GO! , no need to wait. Then you will find Im not lying.

The Singapore summer camp by Worantex was a great experience and opportunity. I had a great time learning new things and making new friends. Learning how to take care of yourself and how to use money when you really need it.
I had a great experience by making new friends. Even if you don't like them you still need to respect them. Also even if they are different.
Also I learned to lived with others and accept others. I needed to stay with someone I didn't know. It was hard to get use to it but it was a good opportunity of what it might feels like to stay with other people when I am in university.
The school also had a good education. I have learned a lot about Singapore and its history. I had a lot of fun I which to go to another summer camp.
By : Sunisa age 11 (Nakornphayap International School)
Singapore Camp is very exciting and fun. I have learn a lot and had many new experiences. I made new friends and meet new people and I think this trip is very valuable to me and I think I'll never forget it.
By : PYE, age 15 (from Ekamai International School)
In this trip, I really like how we learn half day and explore half day. Because we get to learn and use the things had taught us in real life. Furthermore, I really appreciate how we can know friends rally easy even though in this 2 weeks camp that everyone can get along with each other no matter how hard it was. Lastly, Thanks for all the fun we had together and the knowledge i have learned in this camp. I will miss every body :)
By : Fah (age 11) (Nakhorn Phayap International School)
¤礧դѹ ѹ价ͧ㹴Թᴹѹҧ ѹʺҡ ¤ԹҡҵҾҹҡ˹ѧ͹ǹ 繨ҡФ˹ѧҾ¹ Թᴹѹ鹷¤ҤԴ㴨͡件֧ ͡ҡվóҹҪԴҤԴѡѹеͧ件ٻѹ ءդѹ ѹеͧ͡ Щѹ˹㹹 ͡Թѹ

ѹ繹ԵФʵ ŧóԷ ͺ͹¡ѹ ͡ʷԹѹ㹪ԵͧѹͩѹѺعҡ Worantex ç Work and Travel 蹷 6 蹻 2013 ФԴҩѹ͹Ƕ֧Ѻع ԧ ͧͧٷǵѹ Фѹͧѹҧҡѡѹѹ͡ʴ㹪Ե ФѹѹաзѡѹѹͧѲҵͧʹ лѺȹԷյͷءͺ¹仨ҡ

ѹҹҡ ҹͷ֡ҢŤͧ觷ѹеͧ͹Ҥ ѹҹӷç Anchorage by the seaͧ Ogunquit Ѱ Maine 㹵˹ Housekeeping ѧͧҷѺ·úҺҡ͹ ҡ¹ ֧ҨѴҺ촷ءٻẺ Դ㨾ѺԴ͹Ҥ

Թҧ件֧Ѱԡͧҡ ҾԴáѹͧӺҡҡ еͧ ҵͧзѧ ءҧѹѧ è§ҪФеʵʹ ѹ仢ͧԴࡷ« ѭ ҼԴպ µչҹѡú˹Ҿѹاѧաࡷͧѧ͡ ա˹觤ҷФҤ Щѹ件֧ʴҾ Ҿ

鹷ӧҹѺ͹ҹ餹÷ҡ㹪ǧá ѹⴹ˹Һ蹺ҡ She writes E-mail very clear why she cant listen what I say? 繤Ӷѹͺ ѹоٴФ¨ͧҡѺ͹ҹùҹѹʹ ǵʹ㨡Ѻ١·ѡ ѹͺç ѹͺоٴ¶֧ Ѳ С÷ͧǡѺ͹ҹ ֧Ӿٴл¤ͧѹѹ͡ҡʹ Ҩпѧѹͧ ҷء繤ͧ Фͧѹзѹҵʹҡءѭ

㹺ҧ駷ӧҹ˹ѡ˹ѧⴹҡ֡ ҨѺԵҾСѧ㨡Ѻҹѡ ҧ駩ѹͺԴҨ˹·ҧ Դ͹ҹʺ¡ ءѹѹԹѺҹ ҹӸ÷ТŹ ѹҧѹѹҾ Щѹ ѹ¾ ѹ֡ѺҵԷ§褹Ҩͧѹ§ ǵҹ ҨҶ֧ͧ¡ᾧԺ ѹͺͧҧҧкҡȷͺǩѹ ѹѹѧѺͧ 㹢з͹Ѿഷͧ͹֧Ժͧ ѹҧҡ ѹͧ͹ٴѺѺ颹Ҵ

Ѻ͹´¡ѹͧҡ ǡҨҡзѡѹҡ͹ ͧԷҨеͧѺҡѹ ûѺǹͧʹء ҧѹѺҤ ҧѹǧͧŧ ١з աҡ·¤ԴҨѺõ͹ͧ ҧ駷Դѭ㹷ӧҹЪ¢¼˹ʹѹ ͡ѹ ʹʹ¡ѹ ʹ˹ѡ鹡ѹ ѹѡТ͹֧֡͹鹷˹ҭѺͷӡѺǢͧ蹾(觴˹ҵҷӡѺ) ͹˭ԧͧͧ觹˹ѡҹ ǡͧʹءʹҹҡѹʹ Ͷ֧ѹ˹觷ҵͧ¡¡ѹ ԵҾҹ鹡㹤çӢͧ͹

ҹ§ѹԡ ;ѹͧҡѹ ʹ͹ҷӧҹ¹ѭҵҧ¹ѭҹ ѡФԴ֧ѹšͧǡҹ Ĵ١ŷӧҹͧ ҡѺҹ ҡͧ͡ǡѹẺըش»·ҧ ҨǷ˹Ҩúҧ ѹաͧʹءʹҹǷǡѡŧҧѹ к˹ҵçҵǨ줼ͶҧѺҹ ÷ʹءʹҹش(ͧŧ) èͧǼԴ͡õͧ÷ ˹ҷҺŢͧ蹹ѡҪǹҡ

شͶѹҩѹդآ֡ʹءҡ˹ѺӾҵͧ¹Ե㹪ǧ͹ҹҹ ѹеͺء椹ѹѹ繤֡Ẻ ѹҹѭԵҾª ѹҹء¨ع ѹͧ ´ӵҹաѧҡ¤»ͺѹ ѹӧҹ˹ ŵͺ᷹ͧҹ˹ѡҹ鹤ͷѡзеԴǩѹ ͩѹáԨǩѹͧ ѹͺء͹ѹѹ繤آ˹ ء˹ ѹͧҢͧԵҷеͧͷ駤آлѭ Ҽҹѭҹ ҡͧ͡ѭҹͧ ѭҷҹ繻ʺóФ˹觢ͧԵ ѹ¹Ѳҡ ͼ餹Ҩҡš 龺ͼ餹ҧռǵҧ ѹѵػʧͧԹҧѹ ѹջʺó÷ӧҹѹҨ͡㹻 ѹԵҾѹҧ͹褹Ыաš ѹ¹оٴ ѧ е㨷оѲҵͧբʹ ѹ֧ѹеͺҩѹѺآ˹Фءա˹ ѹͻʺóѹԴͧФԴ ѹ龺͡Ѻš ѹͺسͧ ѹͺس ѹͺسͺ ѹͺس Worantex繡ѧѹ ѹҩѹͧشç ͩѹ͡ʤ˹觷ѺҨҡ Worantex Թѹѹ ͨҡѹоҧ֧شͤѹѹ ж֧Ҩҷҧҧ˹Ҩҧ ҡ׹Ѻ ҡöӤѹͧ
By : ԵФʵ ŧóԷ
; Ф չ Easton Ѱ Maryland к͡ Ҥ駹 ʺóҡ ʺó㹵͹ͧ к͡繻ʺóշ ¡ҧ ͹㹷ӧҹ ҡٻẺ ҧ ҧҵ˹ 觾ǡ÷¹ Ҽҹͧǡ ѹз駢 Ѻ͹¹ Եԧ㹡÷ӧҹ աҧ÷Ẻ ջѭ ҵͧµͧ ѭ ҢŴµͧ Ӻҡѹҧ 駹駹 觷ͨд зѺ ءҧǹ秢 ͧšҧ ѧ 餹ҡ ҡнҡ͡͹ 蹵 Ф ҶҵѴԹ㨨 ѹҧ Щй ҷͧ ѭ Ƿءҧдբͧ
By : ó Ѩس ABAC 4
summer camp 駹͹Ѻ˹ ҡ· ҡسٷç¹ 觷· ҧôŹͧ硡ҡҧ˹觷˹· 觷˹ٻзѺ summer camp ÷˹ͧ褹ѹ˹ѹ ˹դѺԴͺҡ աҧ˹觤 ѹ˹٪ͺ Singapore ҡ лȹ繻ȷ˹һзѺҧ ˹ٵͧ͢ͺسžǡҨԧ

By : Motana (RAIS) Internation School
Hello, My name is PK, i'm 10 years old. This is my first time abroad withourt my family. I like everything in singapore. and i never home sick. I have to take care myself for 2 weeks, I have many new friends from Laos, and Indonesia. I want to come back to Singapore again.

By : PK (Thai-Chinese International School)
Hello Everyone, my name is Tor, I'm from NIST International school. I'm 10 years old. This is my longest time in Singapore. I really like to stay here with my friends. I met alot of new friends here. There are many new places was bulided and fun for me. I really wish to come back here again. Thank you.

By : Panlerd B. (NIST International School)
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